You've Got Choices, But Your Time is Ticking Away / by Stephen Cooper

Washington State, from my son’s recent solo motorcycle trip.

Washington State, from my son’s recent solo motorcycle trip.

The other morning one of my long-time boot camp clients arrived early. I usually get to our location around 5:25 AM, about 20 minutes before camp begins. He was surprised to see me hunched down cleaning the kettlebells with disinfectant wipes. He mentioned that clients would probably find it surprising to know about the behind the scenes stuff that I do.

(Video - getting it done, no matter what. I share this to show it doesn’t have to be glamorous. or posed.)

The cleaning of equipment is a given, and a no brainer. The other stuff is not usually stuff that I talk about.

I worry a lot about my clients, and yes it does keep me up at night.

It’s a puzzle for me to try and create programming that is safe and effective. I try to keep in mind what weight a client uses while encouraging them to increase the resistance appropriately in order to keep forward progress. I’m also reviewing which clients have injuries and how can we work around them.

So programming has to be safe, effective, and I add new methods and exercises if I feel they are useful.

The next big piece of the puzzle is consistency and “motivation”. I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of motivation. I’d rather that clients work on building habits towards goals. Motivation is a cute meme, or a photo on Instagram oftentimes not followed up by action. If motivation causes you to act, and actually do something, then great…but do not rely on motivation.

So how do you build the necessary habits? You just do.

You commit and show up on time. Maybe the commitment is to me, or yourself. But do it. No excuses.

For the month of September, I set some personal goals.

  1. Meditate 10 minutes each day.

  2. Take at least a 1-2 minute cold shower.

  3. Walk at least 10,000 steps. (I used the free version of the Pacer app,

I did these for me. I honestly don’t get a thrill out of posting stuff like this on social media. That’s just me. I guess it comes from being an only child, and I just work that way.

I did, however, share my daily steps with my family via text.


The walking and mediating were the most difficult. Before I started I only averaged about 3,000 steps, so I really had to commit. There were plenty of times when I wasn’t “motivated” and could have coasted, but I did each of these 3 items each day for this month. 100%. This had nothing to do with motivation, this was a commitment to myself, and also to basically walk my talk. I never ask clients to do what I’m not willing to do.

So it comes down to choices…and priorities. You need to be very honest with yourself (and if you are training with me), then me too. Are you making choices which are leading you towards your goals?

If your commitment has been less than you know you’re capable of, start today, and kick a.. .

If you need accountability and don’t want to hassle with creating your own programming, then show up and train with us. (And yes, you can share your goals with me, and I will check in with you.)

October Camps

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