PhD University Professor by Stephen Cooper

"I was going to send you an email to say What a Great Workout!

I loved the variety and the challenge. I felt great the rest of the day. A really good workout is magic - it makes you feel stronger in all areas of life. It is wonderful working with you again. Thanks so much for the encouragement."

Bernice Ledbetter PhD,
University Professor
Long Beach,CA

Court Reporter by Stephen Cooper

"I was amazed at how much Stephen could jam into a half hour workout."  I have been working with Stephen four times a week for the last five weeks and I am AMAZED at my results. I have lost 10 lbs and an inch and a half off of my waist. All of this without doing any exercise outside of my training sessions. I no longer need my high blood pressure medicine, my intermittent low back pain is gone, I am sleeping better than I have in years. I highly recommend Stephen Cooper. Don't let his gentle nature fool you. His knowledge of efficient exercise techniques packs a lot of workout into a short time. I wouldn't have believed the change a half hour four times a week would make in my body if I hadn't lived it. Thanks Stephen!

Sandy Lynch
Court Reporter
La Canada,CA

Underwriter by Stephen Cooper

"There is a tremendous amount of stress and tension in the mortgage business. That is why I have been training with Stephen Cooper for the last 4 years. He has taught me so much about exercising that it has left me energized. I have found in training with Stephen a better way of a stress free and healthier life."

Perla Mullen, Underwriter, Pasadena,CA

83 Years Young by Stephen Cooper

"The idea of exercising was suggested by my physician and believe me I have said " thank goodness" many times! I am a senior( 83 today!!)who definitely doesn't need to "shape-up" (it's too late....with me, it"s "keep up"...that's my goal....and who better to lead me in that direction, but Steve! I am sure that dealing with an arthritic with a senior takes plenty of patience and a lot of "know how".....that"s Steve!. Whenever I arrive at a training session I am wondering why and if I'll make it- ------and on leaving each session, I know how much better I feel and the rest of the day is a breeze. I would certainly recommend this to any senior......and especially with Steve."

Betty Woods, Arcadia,CA

Auditor by Stephen Cooper

"You are motivational, intelligent and use techniques that really work. I owe my weight loss success to you, you got me pointed in the right direction and I have stayed on track since we started training. Even though you are in California and I am in Denver, you still have an impact on my training success. Thanks for that!"

Mylissa Moore, IT Auditor, Denver, Colorado