Can You Transform Your Body in Four Weeks? / by Stephen Cooper

I recently received this text from a client.  "How do you think I can transform my body in 4 weeks?"

Transform, I'm not so sure...but I will give you my best suggestions to make the biggest improvement that you possibly can in 4 weeks.


  1. Get enough sleep.  Make sleep a priority.  For most this will mean 7-9 hours.  Use a habit tracker to monitor your hours slept.
  2. Don't drink any alcohol.  
  3. No sugar, and very limited fruit.  I would avoid all fruit for 4 weeks, but your second best option might be to have a little fruit right after your workout.
  4. Eat protein at every meal.
  5. Eat as many vegetables as you like.
  6. Stay away from any simple carbs.  This includes any junk food, chips, fast food, bread, etc..
  7. Train first thing in the morning before eating.  Have some coffee or tea, then do some wind sprints, or hill climbs.
  8. Do some type of strength workout during the day.  Use heavy weights and good form.


I may add some more tips if they come to me.

How about you?  Do you have any tips to add?


9.  Drink plenty of water.