The Importance of Sleep by Stephen Cooper

When you begin a new boot camp like we did this week, I am tempted to give you a bunch of information in the hopes that the more you know, the faster you will see results.

But I've learned over time that it is usually better to take in the lessons on a slower and deeper level.

What I try to share with you are tips and methods that will last you for a lifetime.  Once you begin to implement the methods your body will respond, as will you mind.

Getting enough sleep is going to be critical to your success.  Please watch the above video from one of my favorite authors on the subject of energy and sleep, Tony Schwartz.

Just not "feeling it" by Stephen Cooper

I wrote this as an email to a boot camper who I saw was dragging this morning.

For those of you in the Paleo Challenge this may be old news, but for others have a look and get back to me...

"I could tell that you weren't "feeling it" today. 

What can I/we do to make it better? 

How is your eating?  Describe to me your typical day...






How many hours did you sleep last night?

Is it possible to take a nap at work?  Tell them the benefits? 

Keep me informed.  I want you to have full energy for your training. 


Foam Rolling by Michael Boyle by Stephen Cooper

Coop, Todd Durkin, Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle

I know that some of you have asked more questions about foam rolling.  We started this Feb session with come rolling and I hope that you are continuing it on your own.

I've posted this link to and article by well know trainer, Mike Boyle.  There are some very helpful videos in his article too.

Foam rolling is one of those things that we should be doing, but often don't get around to it.  My advice is to make it a habit.  I especially enjoy foam rolling right before bed.  So for me that's about 8:00pm :)

Foam rolling is one part of the "recovery" piece of the pie...which I always stress to you.

Here's the link: