Plyometrics and more by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: box or step-something to jump on to, kettlebell

Warm up: (60 sec.)

Shoulder threading


Push up

Alternating lunge to front, rear, diagonal

Seated twist with hands on back of head


Box jumps

Hold bench/step then do log jumps (feet together)

Step up with kettlebell on bench

Push up

Clean press and squat with KB

Punches with lite KB's



Angle box hops to bench

Knee ups with step ups on bench

Burpees to bench jump ups


Then 40 seconds of sprints with 10x push ups...repeat this 5 x resting as little as possible

Cool down and stretch as necessary

Tabata Everything by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Kettlebell or dumbbell (I use a simple app called "Swing Timer"

Warm up: (60 sec each)

Big shoulder swings

Knee circles right 30 sec, left 30 sec

Sumo squat

Look at palms alternating arm/shoulder roll

Squat to extension

Work  All Tabata, 20 sec work, 10 sec rest for 8x

Biceps curl

1 leg line hop


Bicycle crunch, shoulder and chest to knee, not elbow

Mountain climber

Flutter kicks with KB overhead

Push ups

Side planks


Plank jumping jacks

Cool down and stretch as necessary

Medicine ball and cardio by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Medicine ball, jump rope

Warm up: 

Knees on wall squat

Wood chop

Grasp hands inside/out roll

Prone hip openers (Pavel)

Work: (1:30)

Wall sit with medicine ball

Walking lunges with med ball

Goblet squat

Overhead walking lunge 

One leg reach with mb

Frog jumps

Push ups with both hands on ball, complete 30x reps, 20x, 10x


Then, for 5 minutes you'll complete 5x burpees every 30 seconds

2x clean with 5x sqauts (1:30)

6x step ups with 30 sec split jumps- repeat 2-3x

10x duck squats with 30 second jump rope, then 9x with 30 sec, 8x with 30 sec, and on down till 1


30 sec mountain climber with 30 sec RKC plank hold (do 4x)

6x lunges with 6x broad jumps

4x mb crunch with 30 sec crunch hold up with mb


4x 30 sec box jump burpee with 30 sec rest

Cool down and stretch as necessary


Kettlebell, Core, and Cardio by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: KB or dumbbell

Warm up (60 sec)
Prayer squats (as you squat down, elbows push up knees)
Clamshell on side
Overhead twisting lunges
Pistol squats
Upright row with rotation
Plank to triceps extension
Side plank
1:30 work of 10x jumping jack and 10x mountain climber
60 sec
Squat, shoot, press
Push press
Goblet squat
Single leg plank, 30 sec R, 30 sec L
1:30 work of 10x split jumps with 10x sprawl
60 sec
KB swings
1 arm row
Single arm plank 30 sec R, 30 sec L
1:30 work of 10x drop squat and 10x seal push up
Cool down and stretch as necessary


Core, Cardio, Upper Body Fat Burning Circuit by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Large beach towel, rope for advanced clients

Warm up (60 sec)
Pogo jumps
Alternating lateral lunges
Fire hydrants
Forward hip circles
High knee skips

Push ups with feet on bench
Dips from wall
Squat (squat with partner if possible)
(Repeat these 2x)
30 sec jump rope/30 sec split leg crunch/30 sec table top crunch
(Repeat 3x without rest)
Seated shoulder press (with partner) providing resistance
Close grip diamond push up
Prone hyperextension (with partner holding feet)
(Repeat these 2x)
30 sec mountain climber/30 sec knee grabs/30 sec shoulder to knee bicycle crunch
(Repeat 3x without rest)
Army crawl (wheel barrow walk- advanced)
Leg toss (with partner)  
Tug off balance with towel (Rope tug of war- advanced)
Cool down and stretch as needed

Deck of Cards by Stephen Cooper

For this workout you'll need a regular deck of cards.

Warm up as necessary.

You will go through the entire deck of cards.

Hearts will equal burpees.

Spades will equal lunges (of any kind, and for each leg)

Diamonds will equal push ups

Clubs will equal crunches (of any kind)

As you go through the deck you will do the number of repetitions as is displayed on the card, so 2 of hearts would be 2 burpees. 10 of diamonds would be 10 push ups...and so on.  I count Aces as 15, not 1.

Go through the entire deck at your own pace, and rest and drink water when necessary.

Cool down and stretch at the end of this workout.

20/20/20 Workout by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: SandBells or KettleBells

60 seconds for warm up sets

Warm up

Pulling alternating knees to chest as you walk

Side to side hops 30 sec, front to back hops 30 sec

Cradle your ankle and pull knee alternating for 60 sec

Diagonal hops 30 sec each direction

Walking hamstring stretches, pulling on foot (by laces)

"L" shoulder rotation

Work  (For each exercise you will do 20 sec/20 sec/20 sec for 3 sets) Try to go through all 3 sets with minimal rest

3 Sets Each

20 sec squat jumps, 20 sec triangle crunch (each leg), 20 sec elbow to knee push up

20 sec frog jumps, 20 sec weight to shins, 20 sec alternate knee to chest push up

20 sec split jumps, 20 sec Russian twists, 20 sec regular push up

20 sec hold plank with feet jumping open/close, 20 sec biceps curl, 20 sec triceps extension

20 sec sprints or high knees, 20 sec dips, 20 sec shoulder press push up (think high hips and touch top of head to mat)

Side plank

20 sec up and down lifts just one side - do this 4-8 times...then move on to other side and repeat

Regular crunch

8 times 20 sec

All done!  Stretch as necessary


TRX, Core, and Cardio by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: TRX or similar suspension trainer, SandBells, KB, Jump rope

60 seconds for each set

Warm up

Standing straight arm core rotations 

Bent-over row, then rotate to a "W" raise

Arm Crossover

Super Dog

Plank Hold to Shoulder Tap

One Leg Pistol


TRX push ups

TRX knee tuck

TRX grappler pull (alternating sides)

TRX stir the soup (Right side, then left)


Sandbell getup

Sandbell clean and press

Lunge with sandbell on shoulder (Right side, then left)

Sandbell squat

Sandbell torso rotation


KB clean

Jump rope

Mountain climber


Jump rope


One leg crunch - 1 leg is straight and slightly off the ground, the other leg is straight but foot is up towards sky, both arms are straight then crunch while pushing hands towards feet.  (Do one side for 60 sec., then switch leg position and complete other side.)

Crunch where you reach Right hand and grap Left sole of foot, alternate these grabs Right and Left

Crunch where you are balancing on your butt, alternating extending your legs, while also grabbing or acting like you are climbing a rope towards the sky.

All done!  Stretch and cool down as necessary.

Medicine Balls and Boxing by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Medicine balls, and boxing gloves/mitts

60 seconds for each set

Warm up

Infinity arms (grabbing elbows and moving arms in figure 8 like pattern)

Supine hip lifts from mat

Standing hamstring stretch (spread legs into wide "V" position, hold back of legs near claves and pull chest towards thighs)

Shoulder stretch from quad position

Push up position, simply "pinch" shoulder blades and relase, repeat for minute.


Underhand scoop throws with medicine ball

Alternating med ball slam 5x with 5x crunch

Shot put "throws" with med ball

Rotational throws, one minute from each hip

Alternate 5x Squat with med ball while pushing arms and ball away from body, and 5x one leg pistol squat

Jog in place while pressing med ball overhead


1-2 punch 5x, then hold side plank for 15 seconds...repeat for 2 minutes

Uppercuts 5x, then other side plank...repeat for 2 minutes

Left, left, right punches 10x, then 10x "X" jumps

Hammer fist punch 5x, then 5x crunch


Regular crunch ups with arms locked and holding medicine ball, ball shoots towards sky

Russian twist, holding med ball, leaning back and touching ball behind and on each side.

Cool down and stretch as necessary


Alternate Workout (In case you don't have equip. mentioned for above workout)

Equipment needed: Jump rope, PowerWheel and/or AbMat

Set a timer for 20 minutes

For the 20 minutes you will jump rope for 30 seconds and do some type of ab work for 30 seconds

You'll alternate between this jump rope and ab work for the entire 20 minutes.

I mentioned the Power Wheel, and the AbMat, but if you don't have these you can simply do any version of ab crunches, planks, or the like.


Swings, Core, Cardio by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Kettlebells

60 seconds for each set

Warm up

Prisoner Squat

Lateral squat, 60 sec to right, 60 sec to left

Spiderman with arm raise

Rocking ankle stretch

Leg swings 


(For each minute you will do # of kettlebell swings, then for the remaining part of the min. you will hold plank)

10x KB swings R arm, then hold plank for rest of min/ 10X L arm, then hold plank

14x same thing

18x same

22x same

Then for 60 sec you will do AMAP (as many as possible) swings with R arm, then AMAP with L arm 

Rest as nec. 

Squat hops

Push ups

Hindu squats


Walking lunges (use KB to make harder)

Seal jacks

Grasshopper pushups

Push up hold (go halfway down) and hold as long as possible

Squat hold 

Cool down and stretch as necessary