Today's Workout (909/#9) by Stephen Cooper

jump rope

snow boarders

jumping jacks

side kicks

jump rope

lateral lunge/sumo

farmers carry with kb

standing tuck jumps

mb slams


alligator push ups

walking kb swings

decline push ups from bench

hindu squats

Bulgarian split squats from bench


hamstring curls on mb

seal jack

plie kb squat

mb reach and crunch

mb reverse crunch

straight leg crunch

Today's Workout (909/#8) by Stephen Cooper

30/5/30  30 sec. side plank, 5 push ups, 30 sec side plank

seal jumping jacks 

clapping push ups

jump rope

split jumps

TRX chest press

1 leg squat 8x then sprints

TRX back row

4x hops in and out then sprints

TRX speed jumnps

10x double mountain climbers, then sprint

TRX plank

partner hamstring curls

Today's Workout (909/#7) by Stephen Cooper


heels to butt stretch

crossover lunge

lateral hops

inverted hamstring

single leg front and back hops

single leg hops side to side

bridge marching

step ups

kb renegade row

partial lung pumps

kb swings

"t" push ups

1 arm kb squat

kb clean

prone cross to toe touch

kb chest press

static squat with in and out jumps

plank with alternate arm and leg reaches

Today's Workout (909/ #5) by Stephen Cooper

5x 60 sec.

Trinity squat, advanced hold in down position

Shoulder ab curl ups  / pike with knees and feet up

Screwing arm press ups, rolling on shoulder

Tabata 20/10  8x

mountain climber / with squat

knee turck jumps / prisoner

leg swoops (break dancers)

quad (frog) push up (quad press)

4x 30 second sprints with 60 sec. jogs

Today's Workout (909/ #3) by Stephen Cooper

Prone leg raise, heels together, toes out, hold for 10 seconds

Hip extension, up and hold for 10 seconds

Breathing squats, exhale down, 4 second pause, 4 seconds up

McKenzie Press up, exhale up

Fish, lie on back, inhale, pcik up chest

cross srawl

TRX low pull from ground

1 arm kb squat

TRX push up or chest press

lateral lunge with mb

TRX biceps clutch

kb deadlift

TRX tricep

jumping jacks

TRX shoulder


simple oblique crunch

in and out crunch

4 point tummy vacum


Today's Workout (909/ #2) by Stephen Cooper

hops in and out "down the ladder"

stair run

wall sit

log jumps

mb slam

kb press with rotation and lunge

sit up with double punch

knee punches


v ups

mb up and downs on toes

diamond push ups or handstand push ups

walking lunges

army crawl on forearms

tricep ext. with kb


mb sit up with Russian Twist

Today's Workout (909/ #1) by Stephen Cooper

hindu squats

dive bombers

standing hypers


squat press with medicine ball


Tabatas 20/10 work/rest 8x

push ups




sit up with medicine ball

jump rope or double jump

kb deadlift

jumping lunges

kb front squat

jumping squat

kb chest press

clapping hand push up

kb weighted sit ups

full sit ups

1 leg hip ups on medicine ball

Today's Workout (809/#12) by Stephen Cooper

Warm up

Frankenstein walk

Handstand walk outs



Gate swings


TRX power pull


TRX suspended lunge

Close grip push up

TRX side plank

Bulgarian split squat (back foot on bench)

TRX ab reach outs

Bicycle crunch

TRX biceps clutch

X body mountain climber

Seal push ups

Side iso-crunch

Elbow to knee crunch

Hip raise with crunch

Scissor kicks with shoulder lifted

Today's Workout (809/#11) by Stephen Cooper

Warm up

High knee run with medicine ball

Banana rock

Medicine ball jumping jacks

Backwards frog jumps

Max height wall jump touches


Push up with thigh touch

1 leg pistol with medicine ball press

Pop up with jumping jack

TRX chest press

TRX low back row

Mountain climber with push up

TRX biceps

TRX triceps reverse extension

Crunch 5x. leg lift 5x, diagonal crunch 5x

Figure 8 with both feet together

Straight arm crunch

Oblique crunch

Today's Workout (809/#10) by Stephen Cooper

Warm up

Wall ball

Double lunge

KB high pull

Jump rope



Walking lunges with dumbbells overhead

elevated feet push ups

crunch with weight

frogger stretch

back extension

hold in skiers crouch

1 leg hamstring curl from bench

medicine ball complex, 10x cross right, 10x cross left, 10x clean, 10x swing

wall sit

30 sec side bridge/30 sec. middle/30 sec. side

hip swivel-stretch

weighted step ups on bench

split squat with kb row

floor wipers

Today's Workout (809/#9) by Stephen Cooper

Step ups

Plyo push ups, in and out

Ski hops

Dips on wall

Walking lunges

KB chest press

Medicine ball front shoulder raise

KB high pull

Tuck jumps

KB snatch

Stair run

Lateral shoulder work with partner

KB swings

1 leg hip ups with MB

Crunch up with partner holding legs in "V"

Crunch up touching partners shoulder, aleternating

Flutter kicks

Today's Workout (809/#8) by Stephen Cooper

Forward lunge with forearm to instep

Backward lunge

Windshield wipers


Inverted hamstring

"T" push up

V ups

Low static lunge pumps 1"

Pullover with KB

Plank to push up

Lateral lunge with medicine ball touch


Goblet squat with KB

Feet up 1" crunches




patty cake plank

Side plank with arm toss

Crunch with push down

Today's Workout (809/#6) by Stephen Cooper

Hold each for 1 min:

handstand or modified push up

side plank

squat at bottom



straight leg crunch


oblique wall ball throw 

push up with dips

kb swings

jumping jacks

TRX rows

push ups

TRX chest press

double unders

TRX sprinters

turkish get ups (modified)

kb wiaters walk


Today's Workout by Stephen Cooper

Warm up (2x 60 sec.)

Partner "tag"

Single leg balance with reaches

Lateral lunges

Walk outs with push ups


Medicine ball cleans

Double Unders (jump rope)

Standing KB row

Front squat with KB

Broad Jumps

Partner assisted hamstring curls

Medicine ball slam with hops


Mountain climbers

KB push press

Banana rocks


Partner assisted triceps stretch