Just Do by Stephen Cooper


It's very rare that I share pictures of my family online.  I posted these the other day on Facebook just to show that I do my best to walk my talk.  For me walking my talk is getting in exercise, and encouraging my family to do the same...day in and day out, hot or cold.  Just get it done.

I encourage clients to do the same.  I realize that some clients have some serious challenges, be it cancer, or similar tough situations...but for most who are just tired or putting off working out, I encourage you to get after it.  Opportunity passes, and skipped days add up.

You only have two months remaining in this year.  I challenge you to make the most of each day.  Appreciate the day you've been given.  Do not waste it on Social Media.  Spend it on improving you, your health, and your family.

The November Camps begin Thursday, Nov 2.  (No classes Nov 23,24)

Cost is $165 for the MWF Camp, and $125 for the Tu/Thur Camp.

Times:  5:45 AM - 6:30 AM or 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

Contact me with questions.



No More Tilapia, Please No by Stephen Cooper

A couple of weekends ago, we had some friends over, and the mom mentioned that she had attended another fitness class (Transformation ..something).  She said that she had lost 20 pounds or so...but that she had regained the weight and more when she stopped.  And that she was sick and tired of tilapia and broccoli.  The diet they were supposed to follow was very strict...lot's of tilapia.

Yes, diets work...temporarily.  And if you have an event with little time to lose weight, then yes a diet of some sort will shed some weight...but it is not sustainable.

Are you looking for results that last a month or two, or a lifetime?

The sooner and deeper you realize that long-lasting results come consistency and hard work, you can stop searching for the next gimmick or shortcut, and really get down to the work that produces lifelong results.

If you are ready to put in the work...join us - October Camps start Monday the 2nd for the Mon/Wed/Fri Camps (no classes on Halloween) and Tuesday the 3rd for the Tue/Thur Camps.

Cost is $165 for the 12 class MWF Camps  (No Classes on Halloween, or November 1)

and $125 for the 8 class Tu/Thur Camps

Contact me for questions and to register.

See ya

P.S.  If you're still only eating tilapia, here are some recipes for you, http://www.foodnetwork.com/topics/tilapia

P.S.S. Current clients please confirm if you'll be continuing (if you haven't already) in the October Camp.  

September Boot Camps Start September 1, No Class on Labor Day by Stephen Cooper

Come twice or three times per week, depending on how you can fit it in with your schedule.

Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday

Morning Classes: 

5:45 am - 6:30 am

Evening Classes: 

6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Class: Each class is 45 minutes in length.

Cost:  $135 for twice a week, or $165.00 for three times per week

(Price is for the entire month)


New Boot Camp Begins September 1

No classes on Labor Day, September 4

No classes on October 30, 31, and November 1 (Vacation)

Big Results Come From Consistent Habits by Stephen Cooper

I recently shared this with a client...

You spoke of your lack of discipline the other day.  

Knowing that discipline and building good habits are critical to getting and keeping the weight off...here are two suggestions.

First is a free app called, https://www.coach.me/   It’s a simple app where you set up your daily goals, and simply check them off each day.  I like it because it’s quick to check off your habit, plus you can build streaks which you won’t want to break.

I’d put simple goals of things like,

Eat 2 servings of fruit a day

Eat 3 servings of vegetables per day,


Sleep 8 hours


Don’t overwhelm yourself...but get those basics on there.


The second is, http://tinyhabits.com/

Once again, simple but consistent habits will lead up to great results.


Have a great week.

Let me worry about it... by Stephen Cooper

As a coach and trainer, I try to simplify the path to fat loss and better health.

These days there is so much information overload, I think that people often get caught up in the bombardment of stuff, and the action and execution often are pushed to the side.  

Time spent scrolling through pictures of models exercising is exchanged for putting in the work.  I counted one fitness girl's Instagram video postings, and she had 37 in one day.  That's 1.5 per hour!

You only have so much time in your day (and life), so make it count.

If you commit to training at Boot Camp, you can set specific times and days where you know you'll get in much-needed exercise.  You just need to show up, and know that I've put in the time with the programming, which will help you get closer to your goals.  

By attending Boot Camp you are developing the life long habits of training and eating better.  This isn't a quick fix.

Commit to self-improvement.  Change what needs to be changed. Today, not Monday, not the first of the month...but today.

August Camps start Tuesday, August 1 for the Tues/Thurs Camps, and Wednesday, August 2, for the Mon/Wed/Fri Camps.

Cost is $175 for the 13 class MWF Camp

and $135 for the 10 class Tu/Thur Camp

Contact me for questions and to register.









The August Boot Camps start next week.


"I'm slipping" by Stephen Cooper

My client writes... "I have a hard time when (No name) or (no name) are around because I'm nibbling on what they have and it's rarely good.  I justify by saying that I'm working out so much I can afford it. 

I'm hoping my email will help keep me on track today.  I'll see you at bootcamp today.

And my response...

I appreciate you sharing.

Junk is junk.  Eliminate it.

I remember reading Michael Pollan, http://michaelpollan.com/articles-archive/six-rules-for-eating-wisely/  and he had a good idea..."if you want to eat "junk" food, then only do so if you make it yourself."  Meaning, if you really want apple pie, then make the dough, cut the apples, and bake it yourself.  Take the physical action, and choose your ingredients wisely.  Makes total sense to me.

I see the change in you, in that you are at the point of "enough is enough".  If you are truly dedicated to losing the fat and setting a healthy example for (no name), you have to stick to your guns.

Years will pass, and she will observe your choices and model you.

Be the mom that is strong.  And I mean physically and mentally.  

Eating junk is easy.  Being disciplined and not letting others push you around is admirable.  Your daughter will remember this.

Review of the Last Client Survey by Stephen Cooper

24 out of 29 people gave a "10" rating

24 out of 29 people gave a "10" rating

Hi guys,

I was looking through the last client survey and wanted to share the responses and my goals for improvements.

We had 29 people respond.  Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.  The next survey will be at the end of this month.

* Note that these are completely unfiltered and I didn't edit anything.

Questions and responses...

1.  What do you like about Boot Camp?

Consistent, structured, no class alike, friendly, work at your own pace

Bootcamp is always there, it's a great motivator to get up and do what I need to to stay healthy. It's also non-judgmental and easy to fit in. It's a habit I don't want to break.

I like the positive attitude of the other campers, how you email us and check in with attendance, the variety of workouts, and the atmosphere in the class.

All around workout.

The workouts are always a surprise, lots of variety.

The exercises vary from class to class, mixed skill levels.

Working out with other people.

The opportunity to have a full workout session in the outdoors while doing a broad routine and set of exercises targeting different areas of your body, strength, and resistance. I love the personable training style and schedule flexibility.

The diverse workouts, never a repeated workout.

I like the non-threatening environment you have created and knowing that no matter how advanced or novice I am that you will help me. The strength training and pushing my performance is also very important to me.

Variety of exercise, time of day, good price, no running

I get exercise before the morning starts.

Stephen who doesn't show favorites...interested in everyone improving. Very very caring and committed! You'd think fitness was his life. I like that he models fitness and self-care. Every class is unique.

Stephen's attitude (positive and encouraging but challenging), and my fellow boot campers! I also like the range of workouts and the variety of every week.

Great workout, with good variation and never boring. Coop is very supportive and he obviously cares a great deal about his clients.

Variety in workouts, the pace of training, no-nonsense encouragement & reality checks from you.

Feeling stronger. Not competitive like some other gyms.

Your coaching.

Like the outdoor setting, limited running, focus on strength, and camaraderie with others.

Stephen- the care and expertise with which he usually designs the series of exercises on any given day, the variety, the working of many different muscle groups, is friendly and considerate as well, patient with explaining, no mind games.

I love the variety of exercises.

I like that the workout is time efficient and early enough in the day to do it before work.

The instructor and other attendees, it makes me stronger, the pace, the respect

Individual focus.

I like the variety of exercises, the somewhat small size of the class, the opportunities to exercise and interact with a partner, not all the time but the here and there times. I also like the banter and good feeling that every participant seems to have.

The time/days it's offered That it's 45 minutes When we use equipment When it's "fast" paced Everyone can go at their own pace/level No shaming/intimidation.

The proximity to my home. The smaller class size in the evenings makes it feel like it's a private training session.

I like the time of the early morning class and the variation in routine. I always leave feeling like I got a good work out. People are down to earth and it starts my day out with such positivity.


2.  What would you like to see improve?

All good.

I like it how it is.

More opportunities to track diets and share healthy recipes and food prep ideas.

I don't have any suggestions.

A little more strength training with barbells to target arms and shoulders.


I enjoy it just the way it is. I like the variety of workouts. I'd like the circuit with the "stations" again soon

Encourage that everybody is fully engaged during the session and checking that exercises and postures are performed correctly

I love the workouts just always don't want to partner up. But I'm still learning

Better math on the cards! 😅 I think the variety of exercises and routines is good. Maybe more cardio can be added but I know you have already added more than before.

Even more variety.

More circuits and fewer burpees (no more cards). Plus more variable workouts.

More light in the morning. Wish I knew more names. PS on Q3 - I tell friends but they aren't ready. Sorry.

A little bit more variety of workouts and props... sometimes kettlebells get dull. Other than that, nothing!

More ergonomic weights. something that doesn't bang your wrists.

I had to really think about this - the only thing I could think of is more frequent tips, ideas, reminders of health/fitness related things.

Always like new equipment. Keeps it interesting.

Nothing. It is great

More variety with format (like circuit) or different time sessions (not just the one minute).

Get rid of the deck-of-cards idea, gets monotonous.

I would like to do more ab/ core strengthening exercises.

I think it's very good! Perhaps more exercises that utilize weights in some form.

I love circuits! More circuit work please!

More core and cardio exercises. Maybe some way for people to monitor individual progress on a monthly basis.

I honestly can't think of any improvements. I like the way it is.

More use of equipment keep it moving Announcing "30 seconds" to motivate to keep pushing through

No improvements needed, but the option of a Saturday morning class would be good.

More instruction on proper positioning for various exercises to get the mist out of them.

Less jumping and more cardio

3.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most likely, how likely are you to refer a friend to Boot Camp?

(See above picture)

My goals, and ideas on improvements. 

1.  You definitely like circuits, so I will increase those.

2.  Buy new equipment.  (If you have a favorite, let me know.)  I do have 3 particular ones in mind.

3.  More frequent communications on why I choose the exercises I give to you, and which muscles or systems they are working.

4.  On ways to monitor progress, there are many options and apps.  The most common tool for Boot Campers is probably the FitBit, followed by the Apple Watch.

Clients use a large variety of tracking apps.  My challenge is to work with these various systems to keep a sensible way to check in, without making it a pain in the butt to monitor every calorie eaten and calorie burned.

To those who are in my Online Coaching Program, there are frequent check ins, where photos, measurements, and weight are recorded.

I prefer that clients find the best system that works for them.  Then, let me know how I can keep you on track with your preferred system.

Everyone should be walking.  Be it 10,000 or more steps per day, or walking 20 minutes 3 times a day.  Make that happen, and you are well on your way to fat loss, better health, and a healthy back.

4 Week Fat Loss Boot Camp (Starts July 2017) by Stephen Cooper

Morning Boot Campers Using the TRX Suspension Trainer

Morning Boot Campers Using the TRX Suspension Trainer

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

It's REALLY hard to lose fat and keep it off.

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of keeping it off if you make exercise a habit.

And in today's post, I'm going to show you 2 tips to follow.

People who succeed with Boot Camp do two things very well.

First, they show up consistently.  When it comes to losing fat, it's not about big plans and attending multiple classes on various days and times.  Those who see the best results come on the same days, and at the same times.  

Too often when clients have more choices, they say they'll work out later...but that "later" never happens.  Studies show time and again that making a date and time and keeping that with yourself equals long term fat loss.

Second, they master the basics.  What do I mean by this?  You have 3 areas in which to improve when it comes to fat loss and fitness improvements.

1.  Sleep and recovery

2.  Diet

3.  Training

Long-term results come from working on and refining yourself in these 3 areas.  No miracles, no shortcuts...just small daily improvements in these areas.

I see time and again that something "clicks" with clients.  There is a change of expression from "dreamy, up in the clouds" like searching...to a zen-like focus.  The person who has finally had enough with quick fixes and gimmicks and is committed, sees the payoffs.

"Coop leads a fantastic Boot Camp in Pasadena.  If you're looking to get into great shape, looking to lose weight, feel great, and feel some of the energy of Stephen, go see him. Stephen Cooper will help you get to the next level in your life. It's not just a kick butt workout, it's also a get your mind right workout.  He's doing a world class job, and he expects the best from his clients."  Todd Durkin,  Coach/Trainer. NBC Strong, Author, Speaker

"Coop leads a fantastic Boot Camp in Pasadena.  If you're looking to get into great shape, looking to lose weight, feel great, and feel some of the energy of Stephen, go see him. Stephen Cooper will help you get to the next level in your life. It's not just a kick butt workout, it's also a get your mind right workout.  He's doing a world class job, and he expects the best from his clients."

Todd Durkin,  Coach/Trainer. NBC Strong, Author, Speaker

But you're probably wondering:

"How does attending Boot Camp help with these?"  I'll be the first to admit, that it's rarely a rapid change.  It takes me awhile to figure out how I can help you in the specific areas I mentioned above.  I really see it as my job to dig a little and discover what might be slowing or stopping your progress.

For those who share with me often, I can and do make lot's of suggestions.  This isn't like a gym or workout place where they have 400 customers.  No.  I have around 50 clients who I keep good tabs on.  You miss a class, I'm going to email you.  You seem down in class, I'm going to ask you about what's going on.

Little by little, showing up to class...changes happen.  Just the other day I got a great message from one of my ex-clients.

Thank you Stephen. You were the best trainer and had me in the best shape of my life!!
— Instagram

So here's the deal:

The July Boot Camp starts on July 3rd or 5th (no class on the 4th).

Classes are in the morning, before work 5:45 am - 6:30 am Mon-Fri

or in the evenings from 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Cost: $125 for the month if you attend 2x a week, and $165 if you attend 3x a week  (It's quite affordable...about $12-$13 per class for the 3x a wk option)

So now, it's up to you.  Will you make the change, and finally stop with the excuses, or will July just be another regular month where you fall farther away from your goals?

Contact me to let me know you are ready for change.   



Summer Paleo Challenge (Starts Monday June 26) by Stephen Cooper

* Please note, I've updated this post...to reflect the new dates.

Paleo recipe...Dry aged ribeye with a side of broccoli slaw!

Paleo recipe...Dry aged ribeye with a side of broccoli slaw!

Time and time again, I see clients get great results from our Paleo Challenges.

For each Paleo Challenge, I try to step up my own game, and add improvements to what I share.  With this challenge, I'll add what I've learned from Robb Wolf's (the godfather of the Paleo movement) book, Wired to Eat. 

Past participants have said...

Nicole says..."I've lost a total of 15 pounds since I started boot camp, with 10 of those since starting the Paleo Challenge."

Michelle says..." Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down 10.5 pounds since the start of the challenge."

Sal says... "Weight at the beginning of The Paleo Challenge was 228 lbs. Weight at the end of the challenge was 210 lbs.  My waistline in the beginning was 42in., and now is 38in.  Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the challenge. I noticed I had a lot more energy during the workouts and throughout the day.  I also started sleeping better, which I think came from having a good diet. I’ve decided that I am going to continue with this diet because it’s a necessary life change.    I've been riding the bike to work and going uphill minus 18lbs. makes a huge difference!

Here are the details

The 2017 Summer Paleo Challenge begins Monday, June 26, 2017, and runs for 60 days, ending on August 25.

This is to open to all people.  You do not have to be a client of mine. 

Here are some of the basics when it comes to following the Paleo Eating Plan.  (Please look over these to decide if you are up to the challenge.)

  • Eat real food
  • Do not eat or drink dairy.
  • Do not eat grains.
  • Do not eat sugars of any kind, real or artificial.sugars of any kind, real or artificial.
  • Do not eat processed foods.
  • Do not drink alcohol, in any form.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep each day.

Details and Guidelines of the Challenge

  • Cost: $40 to be put into a kitty. (You can pay in person, or pay online here.)
  • 3 'Before' pictures taken on or within 2 days of June 26, 2017.  Front view, side view and back view. Men are in shorts and Women are in shorts and sports bra/bikini top.  (See example here.)
  • 3 'After' pictures are taken (on or before August 25)
  • Your beginning and ending scale weight.
  • Your Body Measurements:
    Belly: Place the measuring tape over your belly button and measure around your body. 
    Hips: Place the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips/butt and measure all the way around while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
    Chest: Place the measuring tape around the biggest part your breasts/pecs and measure around while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
    Thigh: Measure around the largest part of the thigh. Measure and record both legs
    Upper arm: Measure around the largest part of each arm, above the elbow. Measure the same portion of the arm every time.
  • Winning is based on improved body measurements and weight lost.
  • Stephen will pick the winners.
  • The Grand Prize Winner takes home 75% of the kitty plus 1 month of boot camp classes.
  • The First Runner-up takes home 15% of the kitty plus 1 month of boot camp classes.
  • And the Second Runner-up gets 10% of the kitty.
  • Past winners have taken home some really cool Paleo Cookbooks too.

60 Paleo Challenge "Rules"

Each day you should be doing 3 things.

1.  Eat Paleo

2.  Exercise

3.  Sleep at least 8 hours

  1. Eat real food. Meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, oils. Eat foods with very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients, or better yet, no ingredients listed at all because they’re fresh and natural.
  2. Do not eat dairy. This includes butter, cheese, yogurt and milk (including cream in your coffee).
  3. Do not eat grains. This includes bread, rice, pasta, corn, oatmeal, and also any gluten-free pseudo-grains (quinoa, etc).
  4. Do not eat legumes. This includes beans of all kinds, lentils, and peanuts. No peanut butter!
  5. Do not eat sugars of any kind, real or artificial.  No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, Splenda, Truvia, Stevia, etc.sugars of any kind, real or artificial.  
  6. Do not eat processed foods. This includes protein shakes, processed bars like Zone and Balance Bars, dairy-free creamers, etc.
  7. Do not drink alcohol, in any form.

Coaching and Support

Free, private coaching group via Facebook page with recipes, workouts, tips, accountability, and any support I can help you with. 

How to Sign Up

Email me for details. I will then send you more information, and invite you to the private Facebook group.

What to do since we aren't training on Memorial Day by Stephen Cooper

Hopefully, you've heard that we aren't meeting on Monday.

  • If you've been training hard and consistently this past week, then go ahead and take the day off.
  • If you've been stressed out, not sleeping well, overwhelmed...also take some time off.
  • If for some reason you missed your workouts, and have energy, get in a workout on Monday.

Listen to your body honestly, and take approprite actions.


Summer Fat-Loss Boot Camps Start June 1 by Stephen Cooper

Mornings look like this...

Mornings look like this...

Now that we have daylight in the morning Boot Camps, you have one less excuse as to why you can't train.  

It's not that hard to wake up now, and getting it done in the morning guarantees that your exercise is taken care of.  From experience, I see too many people who don't start their day with exercise but promising that it will happen later.  And...guess what?  Somehow and for many reasons, the exercise doesn't happen.

Don't fool yourself.  Commit.

You can train with us Mon-Friday from 5:45 am - 6:30 am.  Choose 2-3 days per week.
or...in the evenings from 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm.

3x a week is $165, and twice a week is $135

Big improvements can be made in 1-2 months of training.  Don't let more time pass without taking action.

Contact me with any questions, and to secure your spot for the June Camps.

If you don't live close, but would still like some long distance coaching, I provide an online nutrition and workout option which may work for you.


P.S.  Current Boot Campers if you haven't already, please confirm if you'll be continuing in June.
P.S.S.  And note, no classes on Memorial Day.

In Case You Slept In and Missed Your Workout, You Can Do This (Morning Workout Plan) by Stephen Cooper


For whatever reason, you missed your workout this morning.  Well, here's the at-home workout I did and you can do too.


Warm up as needed then

On the Airdyne Bike (you can use whatever cardio machine you have, or just jog/run)

20 seconds as fast as possible, 40 seconds rest

repeat 4 X

Jump rope as fast as possible for 20 seconds, 40 sec rest

repeat 4x


5 sets of close grip (6") push ups as many as possible, with a 15 sec squeeze/isometric hold after each set (1-2 min rest between sets)


coffee, oatmeal with 1/2 scoop protein powder, and 1/2 apple cut up  (note, I'm not trying to lose weight, so yes I eat oatmeal)

Done - get on with the day

P.S.  If you are here in Pasadena and need a cheap but good jump rope, surprisingly Ross on Lake Ave has good ones.  Cheaper than you'll find on Amazon.com and other sporting goods stores.

There's No "Sexy" in Diet by Stephen Cooper

Your fat loss success is going to come from what you put in your mouth.

You know that I'm blunt, so I want to give it to you straight.

Your success boils down to your dedication and discipline.  Stick to the following suggestions when you want to lose weight while training with me.  (And yes, I know there are a thousand and one other options...but here is my simple solution.)


Optional, many get great results from eating or from skipping breakfast.  It's up to you.

If you are eating my suggested choices are:

Red meat, sardines, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and coffee, tea, or water.

Rest of the Day

Vegetables - lot's of green and fibrous vegetables.  Each time you sit down for a meal aim for having half you plate filled with greens.  And the rest of your plate, have some protein.  Chicken, fish, meat.

Avoid alcohol

One drink per week.

If you train hard...

Treat yourself with some berries or other fruit after your workout.

Keep it simple, and execute!



More Choices, More Distractions, More Stress, and Less Time by Stephen Cooper

Are you at your psychological breaking point?

Overwhelmed and stressed, and wishing for a better way to take care of yourself?

I ask as I see more and more clients who are stressed to the max.  Family, traffic filled commutes, work contacting you on your phone at all hours of the day and night.  

An easy step is to cut down your time on social media.  Measure your time spent there.  Was it useful?  Did it make you a better person?

Here are four books which are definitely useful in helping you to refine and reduce your overwhelm.  (I plan on doing a separate review on each in upcoming blog posts.) 

The One Thing 


Deep Work



No Classes on Memorial Day May 29

Choosing A Specific Time To Exercise by Stephen Cooper

When I started my Boot Camp about 8 years ago, my gut feeling said it was important to "enforce" that clients register for and attend class on specific days and times.

I realized that for many new trainees, sticking to an exercise program was a big part of their frustrations in not seeing results.  In my own case, I know I'm different, be that good or bad, but the way I handle stress and get a "high" out of life, is by exercising.  I'll get it in no matter what.  But if you know that's not in your DNA, then I encourage you to stick to a certain day and time.  Commit, and make it happen.

I've realized that I've been more lax lately in letting clients "make their own schedule", and sadly, I see them missing more and more.  There are way too many distractions pulling us from all directions, and for many the discipline cannot sustain the temptations.

If you find yourself on this ship without a sail, pause for awhile and revisit your values.  What matters most to you?  And get back on track.

From Tony Schwartz's awesome book...  "A group of subjects was asked to exercise at least once for 20 minutes during the next week.  That hardly seems like a daunting challenge, but based on the request itself, only 29 percent complied.  A second group was given the same challenge, along with detailed information about the significant role of exercise plays in reducing the risk of heart disease, an attempt to further motivate them.  Compliance rose modestly, to 39 percent.  A third group was asked to commit to exercising at a specific time, on a specific day, at a designated location.  For this group, compliance more than doubled to an extraordinary 91 percent.

Quality of Life by Stephen Cooper

Hip, from the  TX Ranch in Wyoming .  

Hip, from the TX Ranch in Wyoming.  

The more years and deeper that I go into understanding my profession, the more important it is that I see clients improve their quality of life.

Firmer butts and toned abs used to be high priorities for my clients...but these days so many of my clients are stressed to the breaking point. Poor or not enough sleep, work demanding you stay late and be attached to your phone 24/7, family stresses, all add up.

Devote 30 minutes today where you get away from all distractions. Turn off your phone. Walk, preferably in nature.

Listen to your gut. What needs to change?

And...take action.

It's About Mindset by Stephen Cooper

I don't know if getting pumped up before a workout or competition is built into our DNA, or it can be taught.

I encourage my Boot Campers to clear their minds as they are driving to class.

Psyche yourself up and see yourself lifting heavier, and smashing your training session.

The other side of the coin is arriving late, while being immersed in the cat videos and shocking "news" stories on your cel phone.  

You decide.  Will you focus on your health, and your future?  Or will you be distracted?

Monthly Online Coaching by Stephen Cooper

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

At 5:20 this morning, as I was setting up for the morning Boot Camp class, I was wondering why some clients see results while others don't.

The main thing that came to mind is habits.  It's the day after day of working on new skills, practicing, and molding them into habits that create long-lasting and healthy changes.

So often now I see clients who'd like to train with me but can't because they work late, or can't get enough sleep...also because of work or family.

They are stressed out the point of almost having a nervous breakdown, and they need more time to fit in self care.

Well, I'm going to offer you an online coaching solution.

It's a daily plan where you'll receive lessons and a habit to work on.  You'll take a few minutes, read through the lessons, and then check off if you've done your lesson and your habit.

Honestly, getting to a healthy weight and the body you want is possible, but without learning the skills, and then practicing them and creating the habits...long term success won't happen.

It's human nature to search for the "next thing", but this program creates a solid path to long-lasting results.

I've personally used this program (Precision Nutrition) since before 2006.  This is the most respected nutrition plan I've seen and used ever since I became a trainer, over 25 years ago.

The second part of the program is the workout plan.  You'll fill out an assessment, and information about your goals.  I will review that, and assign a workout program for you.

For each of these, I will be your coach.  We'll speak directly through the program, plus you can email me, or even call if you like...and I will answer all of your questions.

I'm offering both of these plans for only $67 per month.  I'll be raising the price soon, as I have a limit to how many clients I can coach.

Here is a video which explains the woman's program,  https://vimeo.com/192200261

and for the men... https://vimeo.com/151583307

Have a look at the video, and sign up below, or contact me with your questions.

Talk to you soon,

P.S.  You'll still get the results, but you'll be able to do everything from home or your gym.

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P.S.S.  I don't really look at my weight too often, but just happened to check my own progress while doing the PN Program (I'm in week 22), and you can see, I'm down 20 pounds.  Pretty crazy!

My own results while using the program.

Did You See This? by Stephen Cooper

Morning Boot Camp

Morning Boot Camp

This morning's sunrise was spectacular.  Did you see it?

Did you plan on waking up early to exercise?

We each have a choice. 

If your goal is to lose weight and improve your health, then commit...truly commit to what it takes.

1.  Training smart and being consistent.

2.  Get in enough sleep and recovery.

3.  Eat healthy 80-90% of the time.

And, eliminate the excuses.

If you want some help, join us.  May Camps start May 1.

Contact me for details, or see the main page for more information.